Visual and Analytic Computing Lab @ MUN


Matthew Hamilton Matthew Hamilton Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Parham Shafie Parham Shafie PhD Student, Computer Science
Caitlin Piercey Caitlin Piercey MSc Student, Computer Science
Karandeep Dhillon Karandeep Dhillon MSc Student, Computer Science
Nicholas Wells Nicholas Wells MSc Student, Computer Science

We are a dynamic, interdisciplinary team focused on applying visual and analytic computing across a wide range of areas of study. Our projects produce tangible results which have an impact on exciting and important applications.

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PhD and MSc Positions

We have openings for PhD and MSc positions in the lab focus areas. Please Contact Us and include a CV. Interested applicants must also follow and successfully complete the formal Computer Science graduate program admission procedures at MUN.


Undergraduate students interested in working in the lab focus areas should also contact us. There are a number possible options including:

Please Contact Us if you are interested.

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